People riding piggyback on a city street.

Uber Launches UberBack: Piggyback Rides on Demand

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — As humanity marches towards a "useless class" era where many people become obsolete due to AI and automation, some entrepreneurs are ensuring at least some parts of our bodies remain useful to society without having to sell a kidney or resort…

Donald Trump texting while an agent rummages through his garbage and a psychic tea-leaf reader analyzes Trump's poop.

Warrant Issued for Trump's Memes and his…Poop?!

PALM BEACH, FL — After extensively investigating Trump's tweets, special counsel Jack Smith is now focusing on the former President's Twitter memes. "Our goal is to delve deep into Trump's psyche using advanced psychoanalysis," stated assistant prosecutor Lexi Luper. "Playful cats and Baby Yoda memes…

Two tradesmen sitting on a beach in shorts with their tools.

Man-hating Barbie Movie Triggers Global Men's Strike

WORLD — Shortly after the recent "Barbie'' blockbuster demeaningly depicted dudes as dim-witted domineering dolts, dissent was declared. Men around the globe tossed their wrenches and work gloves aside to passively protest. Garbage is piling up, sewers are clogging, and air conditioners are choking in…