Elon Musk Transforming X into Multi-Faith Cyber Temple

Elon Musk dressed in ambiguous religious garb in front of a cyber temple.

BOCA CHICA, TX — In a move that surprised everyone, Elon Musk rebranded Twitter to 'X' and updated its' tagline from 'Let's Talk' to 'Blaze Your Glory'. 

For many, the new slogan seemed religious. In fact, Musk revealed today that 'X' will be the social media platform for 'Musk Ministries', the world's largest virtual space for multi-denominational worship. Musk's goal is to promote traditional monotheistic values amongst a cyber sea of godless nihilists.

Internal documents disclosed plans for 'prayer-posts', a dedicated forum for users to voice spiritual reflections. Musk is purportedly preparing the first 'p-post' pondering the existential dread he felt when a toaster didn't eject the bread properly. #BillonaireProblems

The new slogan has not been without controversy. Eighties rockstar Billy Bonfire accused Musk of stealing it from his song 'Embers of Your Glory'. 

The internet mob has also been quick to point out lewd innuendos to both the name 'X' and its slogan. One Redditor named KidToKitty4693 stated "X is ******* and *******. Don't forget *******". Another anonymous armchair philosopher commented "Did you know that 'Blaze Your Glory' is really a reference to ***** *****?!" Perhaps we're all being gaslit.

Aside from Kitty the 'trans cat', many public figures have shared their opinion on Musk's radical moral shift. Richard Dawkins, renowned atheist and evolutionary biologist expressed contempt. "It's a regressionary travesty to delude people that life has meaning, purpose, or any value at all for that matter. If Musk is successful it could be the end of PornHub."

Conversely, Jordan Peterson, renowned psychologist and author lauded the move. "In an age of digital detachment, Musk's approach towards religious discourse could be a game changer for improving society and promoting my latest lecture on Deuteronomy."

Detractors or not, it seems evident that Musk's pivot with 'X' will blaze its own glory in the unpredictable landscape of social media.