Homless tents on an urban broken sidewalk. A woman lies in front of a tent.

Heat Crisis Solves Homeless Crisis

LOS ANGELES, CA — As thermometers burst across the US, the scorching heat seems to have 'solved' homelessness in America's hottest and leftist cities. There are widespread reports that the homeless are "melting faster than ice cream in a microwave." Los Angeles boutique kale juice…

VP Kamala Harris dressed as a clown holding a fishbowl. A dolphin soars in the background.

Kamala Harris Dumber than a Dolphin

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In what can only be described as another Kamalama-Ding-Dong moment, Vice President Kamala Harris went full Dr. Seuss as the keynote speaker at the recent Crustacean Conservation Conference sponsored by Red Lobster. Harris strutted to the podium, maniacally cackling as a bewildered…