Harley Worthington dressed as a jester in a university library.

Harley Worthington Ridged Rock Magazine Interview

Ridged Rock Magazine Exclusive: An Off-The-Rails Interview with the JestWire Maestro, Harley P. Worthington III By: Spike Litmus, Senior Ridged Rock Magazine Correspondent Spike: So, Harley, you traded the echoes of the Appalachian Mountains for... satire. Tell us, how does one go from valleys to...

Two tradesmen sitting on a beach in shorts with their tools.

Man-hating Barbie Movie Triggers Global Men's Strike

WORLD — Shortly after the recent "Barbie'' blockbuster demeaningly depicted dudes as dim-witted domineering dolts, dissent was declared. Men around the globe tossed their wrenches and work gloves aside to passively protest. Garbage is piling up, sewers are clogging, and air conditioners are choking in…