Harley Worthington Ridged Rock Magazine Interview

Harley Worthington dressed as a jester in a university library.

Ridged Rock Magazine Exclusive: An Off-The-Rails Interview with the JestWire Maestro, Harley P. Worthington III

By: Spike Litmus, Senior Ridged Rock Magazine Correspondent

Spike: So, Harley, you traded the echoes of the Appalachian Mountains for... satire. Tell us, how does one go from valleys to... "Libertarian Quantum Physics"?

Harley: Well, Spike, the valleys taught me the symphony of silence, and Libertarian Quantum Physics taught me that silence has its own freedom. It's the same freedom that lets me laugh at bureaucratic buffoonery.

Spike: JestWire: "Satire on steroids." Damn catchy. How do you manage to walk the line between biting satire and genuine respect?

Harley: It's an art, Spike. Like tightrope walking over a pit of liberal alligators. It's all about balance and a pair of sturdy boots.

Spike: Speaking of boots, tell me about "The Aristocratic Absurdities" improv troupe. Ever think of giving them a reboot?

Harley: Every day, my friend. But it's hard to find people who can laugh at the Green New Deal without getting winded. 

Spike: Your academic feats, Harley, they're... unconventional. Ever consider a simpler degree, like botany?

Harley: Botany? And miss out on my minor in socialist tear analysis? I think not! Besides, plants are too easy; they always lean left.

Spike: How do you respond to critics who say JestWire is too... over the top?

Harley: I send them a pair of reading glasses,  a dictionary, and a hanky. They usually come around.

Spike: Finally, Harley, with your lineage and legacy, what's next for you?

Harley: Can't really discuss yet, but it's going to really trigger leftist snowflakes.

Spike: Intriguing! Any last words for our Ridged Rock readers?

Harley: Keep your wit sharp, your humor unapologetic, and always, always question narratives. Even this interview!

In true Harley fashion, the interview ended with him handing Spike a JestWire tee, bearing the slogan, "Satire till you expire." And, for a fleeting moment, even Spike couldn't help but crack a smile.