Liang Xiaoling-Huifan

Liang Xiaoling-Huifan

Born to the family of brave souls who fled Communist China to secure the American dream, Liang Xiaoling-Huifang is a second-generation patriot who embodies the spirit of resilience and tenacity. Her parents, both industrious accountants, traded the iron fist of Mao for the open hand of Lady Liberty, instilling in their daughter an undying appreciation for freedom and the opportunity it affords.

As a young woman, Liang stepped into the diverse ecosystem of the University of California, Los Angeles, only to be drawn into the churning waters of campus politics. Initially reluctant to involve herself, it wasn't until a blatant act of discrimination—when a leftist group claimed that Asian academic success was a form of 'racial privilege'—that Liang took a stance. Her outrage fuelled her ambition, leading her to head the 'Federalist Revering, Enterprising Eagles' (or FREE for short), an on-campus conservative force that became a formidable counter to the prevailing leftist tide.

Blessed with a silver tongue and an ironclad intellect, Liang pursued a double major at UCLA, acquiring both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Journalism. Yet, the thirst for knowledge in this stalwart conservative did not end there. She ventured onto the Ivy grounds of Yale University, emerging with a law degree that further bolstered her impressive academic repertoire.

Today, Liang Xiaoling-Huifang stands tall as a beacon of conservative values and staunch resistance against harmful ideologies. As she tirelessly wields her pen and her voice, she continues to champion the principles of freedom, justice, and equality that her parents risked everything to attain.

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