AOC Introduces Revolutionary 'Sun Tax'

A dome covers a large urban city, engulfing it in darkness.

WASHINGTON D.C. — Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduced a shady proposal that's casting shadows across the aisles of Congress. Hold onto your sunhats - it's a tax on sunshine!

The "Let's Eclipse the Wealthy Act" plans on installing "SkyLids" over major cityscapes, engulfing them in darkness. Sunlight will soon be a luxury, available exclusively to those who can cough up the cash to enter "sun zones". "We already tax water and clean air. A sun tax was inevitable. It's all about climate change and making the rich pay their fair share." AOC declared, using a flashlight to emphasize her points during a press briefing beneath a SkyLid.

Senator Bernie Sanders remarked,  "I've always said the sun shines brighter on the rich. Now it's official!"

Reporter Sally Skeptical from "The Obvious Observer," questioned the fact that the poor and middle class would suffer in darkness. AOC responded, "I expect riots, I mean protests, will take care of everything."

Pseudo-scientist Dr. Lark Nightowl conveyed his concerns, "Decreased sunlight could lead to an increase in vampirism and neck bites."

Citizen Sol Arman noted, "Just when I get my roof eco-friendly with solar panels they tax sunshine. I'd buy a windmill but they might start taxing breezes next!"