Disney Reimagines Prince Charming as Woman-Hating Incel Rapist Serial Killer Necrophiliac

Prince Charming grabbing Snow White's arm with a medieval glove on his hand.

HOLLYWEIRD, CA — After suffering severe backlash and mocking for ditching Prince Charming from their upcoming "Snow White" live-action remake, Disney reintroduced and reimagined him "2023 Disney-style". Charming is now Prince Pervy – a woman-hating incel rapist serial killer with a disturbing desire for passive women.

"Snow White" star Clarissa Fairchild remarked during a press conference, "Prince Charmless is the creepy sex offender he should've been in 1937. Like, who 'makes out' with a corpse? And a cartoon character? Ewwwww. Hashtag RedFlags."

Snow White also received a makeover as "Snow of Arc", a lesbian woke social justice warrior on an epic narcissistic journey of who knows what. Snow discovers her personal truth while amassing a legion of diverse non-binary trans-sexual magical creatures rallying against societal norms and Prince Pervy.

Allegedly, the Freudian climax of the film is Snow White's epiphanic moment. Anonymous sources revealed that the scene features Snow in a dramatic self-hug bear embrace echoing to the heavens, "Me! Me! Me! I love ME!! Down with men and the patriarchy! MEEEEEEE!!!"

Ben Dover, a spokesperson for Disney, commented on the radical changes: "We at Disney believe in Walt's quote about 'moving forward'. Fairytales, like people, transition." And companies…

Looks like Disney's transitioned into a #loser. As Spock says concerning business and profits, "Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." Then again Disney owns Star Wars not Star Trek so they probably missed the memo. Which is too bad,  since shareholder lawsuits won't be far behind.