Not Satire: Woke 'X' BANS JestWire for Not Being Funny or Violent Enough

A road heading towards a nuclear apocalypse. A sign reads "Warning: Thinking can Cause Ideas".
"The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

Elon Musk reaffirmed his commitment to freedom of speech just 3 DAYS AGO. So WHY is our @JestWire SATIRE account with only 12 followers BANNED on X?

JestWire is currently suspended on X. Why? Who knows. No explanation provided (see below).

JestWire content may be controversial, but it's clearly SATIRICAL and we explicitly say so. Our motto is “Satire on steroids”. We do not promote hate against anyone. We are not pornographic, although some content might be “pg-13” risque.

What’s insane is that X literally allows EXTREMELY VIOLENT and PORNOGRAPHIC accounts. This X account literally has people beating the crap out of each other: CrazyFights. Want access to porn on X? Just search for the word PORN and a cornucopia of debauchery is offered!

Satire and social commentary are worse than porn and graphic fighting???

After two months, JestWire has 114k followers on Facebook and only 12 on X. That’s right 12 without a “k”. Facebook provides a means to gain followers via advertising. X doesn't. Maybe we're not gaining traction on X because our content sucks or people just don't get it or maybe our humor is too intellectual or maybe we're X-shadow-banned or all-of-the-above. Who knows. But why the real ban? WHY?

We also paid for the X Blue Check. What good is that? If we're going to be suspended for WOKE nonsense then X should give us a refund.

X is an Orwellian Dystopia:

We got this notice on X...
X tells us where to go to learn why we're banned...